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20 Interesting Facts About Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry is one of best players in NBA today and probably in the world also. Winning 2 consecutive MVPs was such a great achievement that can be done by great players only and that’s what he accomplished on the past two seasons. Curry showed everyone that basketball is not only for the big men on the court but also for the small ones. stephen-curryHis only 6’3” but can outscore many bigger players than him. Yes, Stephen Curry is such an amazing player and it’s just right if we will know him much better. Continue reading

20 Interesting Facts About Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is a retired professional basketball player that is widely considered as the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time). He may be retired already in basketball but his legacy remains on the heart of every basketball fan. Because of his greatness, many basketball players nowadays are aiming to be like him or possibly surpass what he achieved already. It is like you are not considered a great basketball player if you cannot even compare a simple aspect of what you are doing to what MJ did before.
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15 Interesting Facts About Lebron James

Lebron James is a very famous basketball athlete that every basketball fan know him and his level of playing. His greatness is even compared to Michael Jordan sometimes because of how he always carries his team to championships. There is a higher chance of any team going to the Finals if they have a Lebron James on their lineup. That’s already a fact which has been proven since he entered on the NBA. Continue reading

NBA Eastern Conference Teams Basic Information

Below are the latest basic information about the Eastern Conference teams in the 2016-2017 NBA season. Continue reading

2016 NBA Rookies Information

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6 Types of Dribbles in Basketball

Improving your ball handling skills makes a great difference on how you will play every single game. An elite skill on it lets you have a definite advantage to your opponent thus giving you a higher chance of winning. But how will you improve your dribbling skills? What is the first step towards your ambition to be elite on this game? We have an important suggestion. You should know the types of dribbles first that you can use depending on the situation you have in an actual game. This will serve as a basic knowledge for you as you improve your dribbling skills. Continue reading

2016-2017 NBA Western Conference Teams Rosters

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2016-2017 NBA Eastern Conference Teams Rosters

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5 Important Tips For Beginner Point Guards

Playing any position in basketball is so tough. You are expected to perform your best according to the roles that is given by the coach. The point guard position is considered as the most important position in basketball. They are required to do a lot of things not just for themselves but also for their teammates. This is a position that is carrying a huge bag of game plan on every game. If you are interested to play as a point guard, then maybe this article will be very helpful for you. Continue reading

The Important Roles Of A Point Guard

Though there is no small role in basketball, a point guard is the one being seen or recognized most of the time because the ball is always on his hand. Point guards are usually considered as the leader that is why the offenses usually start on him. Most of the on court plays are decided by him including the type of defense to be used sometimes. Having a point guard with a high IQ in basketball is very important so that the he can fully perform his role well. Continue reading

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