Maybe the Cleveland Cavaliers VS the Golden State Warriors matchup is already over, but the fun and excitement that it brings are still on the heart of their fans all over the world. The Cleveland Cavaliers took home the crown but it’s not that easy because Golden State Warriors really made the series very tough for them. From Game 1-7, both of the teams are playing their best and not willing to give up. Almost all of the players are already willing to sacrifice their selves just to win. That was the most beautiful part of this series, the intensity of the players and also the fans.

Let us do a quick recap from Game 1-7 on how this series was played and how every team put an effort just to win.

cavs vs gsw finals 1

Game 1

The start of the series is on fire. The Golden State Warriors are on a mission to be the Finals Champions for second straight seasons and the Cleveland Cavaliers have only one goal, which is to win their first championship. Curry realizes that he needs the help of his teammates to win the finals because of his rough shooting nights. Thompson on the other hand is also suffering from the same problem so they are relying now with their reserve players to deliver the game. Green and Livingston really did their best and help the team win Game 1. Green had 16 points while Livingston scored a personal post season best of 20 points from the bench. Because of this output from these two players, Warriors beat the Cavaliers 104-89 in Game 1. This is a very disappointing game for the Cavaliers.

Game 2

The Warriors are on fire again and burned the Cavaliers to 2-0 NBA finals lead. The Cleveland Cavaliers cannot stop the Warriors from scoring on this game. They seem to be unstoppable especially Draymond Green that had 28 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assist in the game. The MVP Stephen Curry had 18 points even having so many fouls in the game. At the end, the Golden State Warriors destroyed the Cleveland Cavaliers to the score of 110-77 in Game 2 of the NBA Finals.

Game 3

Lebron James stood up and carried his team on his back to win the Game 3.  He scores 32 points together with 11 rebounds. Kyrie Irving put an effort also and added 30 to their total points.  They really used their home court advantage in Game 3 and demolished the Golden State Warriors. The game ended with the score of 120-90 in favor of the Cleveland Cavaliers. The current standing is 2-1.

Game 4

Even though the Cleveland Cavaliers still have the home court advantage in Game 4, this doesn’t stop Stephen Curry to become hot and handle the game. The two-time MVP scored 38 points while Klay Thompson added 25 points also. The output of the splash brothers is the huge difference maker on this game and made the Cleveland Cavaliers commit their 3rd loss in the series. The final score was 108-97 with a current standing of 3-1. This standing is very difficult for the Cavaliers as they are only a game away from losing on this series.

cavs vs gsw finals 2

Game 5

The Game 5 was held on the Oracle Arena, the home court of the Golden State Warriors but Green is out on this game due to suspension. James and Irving took the advantage and scored 41 points each. A history was made because of their performance and overpowered the Warriors to win the game. The game ended with a Cavaliers victory on a score of 112-97. The standing now is 3-2 heading to Game 6.

Game 6

Lebron James scored 41 points again on their home court in Game 6. He and Kyrie with 23 points really pushed the NBA Finals to their limit. They beat the Warriors and forced a Game 7 with a final score of 115-101. Cleveland Cavaliers was once again being saved and has a chance to take home the crown in Game 7 on the land of the Warriors. The series was tied at 3-3.

cavs vs gsw finals 3

Game 7

The Cleveland Cavaliers won the do or die Game 7 of the NBA Finals. The first team to rally from a 3-1 finals deficit and beating the defending Champions. The final score is 93-89 and Lebron James was the unanimous Finals MVP with a triple double performance on this game. Stephen Curry did a lot to win but the final shot of Kyrie Irving in the final seconds seals the game. The Cleveland Cavaliers took the shiny gold trophy to their home, the Northeast Ohio.