Being a good ball handler is very important when you are a basketball player, especially when you are a guard. But basketball players nowadays are very well rounded and are always looking to improve their ball handling skills even if they aren’t playing as a guard. Even centers are practicing to be great at taking care of the ball. If you’ll ask why, it is because a team full of great ball handlers will also be a team that is great on ball movement. A team that moves the ball well has the higher chance of winning the game. Also, those players that have great ball handling skills are more confident on the court and are better on scoring compared to those who are not. That is why it is very important that you should practice handling the ball well as early as now.

ball handling tips

Here are our tips on how to do it correctly:

  1. Dribble the ball strong

The stronger you dribble the ball, the faster it will come back to your hands. Thus giving you more control on it. If you can observe the faster players on the court, they are dribbling the ball stronger on the floor. They are doing this to maintain their connection to the ball as they are moving on the court.

  1. Spread the fingertips when dribbling

Spreading the fingertips gives you more control on the ball and it can avoid the ball from slipping in your hands also. Hold the ball with your fingers and never let it touch with your palm because it can affect your control of the ball.

  1. Heads up always

Always look at the players or especially the rim when dribbling. This is for you to be aware of your surroundings and to avoid possible steal attempts of your opponents.

  1. Be creative

Dribbling the ball is not about memorizing the move and making a sequence of styles, but it’s about being creative in doing it. The style of dribbling you will do should depend on the situation you are in.

  1. Dribble to separate from the defense

You are not dribbling to show off your dribbling skills. But you are dribbling to beat the defense and separate from him to have better shot opportunities. So your feet and dribbling should be fast and in rhythm.

  1. Always protect the ball

Always locate your opponent that is guarding you. Never dribble in front of him. Do it with both hands. One hand for the dribble and the other hand should be used on defending the ball.

  1. Lower your body when dribbling

Your body should be lowered enough to dribble the ball. This is a great way of having more control of the ball and also to defend the ball well from the opponent.

  1. Crossover

Practice a crossover. Crossover is dribbling by using both hands, but it should be quick to avoid a steal. This type of dribble is very useful to make your opponent hesitate where you will go with your next dribble.

  1. Changing direction

You can easily change your direction by shifting your body weight to which direction you’ll go to. Some ball handler slows down before they change direction, but some are not. So it would be a matter of which style you will use, but always remember that your speed should always be in rhythm with the movement of the ball.

Apply these tips slowly on your training. Do not try to do these immediately, but try to familiarize it first. Then, if you are familiar with it already, that is the time that you should repeat it a practice or in an actual game. These tips are just a repeated processed and depends on the situation you are in the game.