There’s no shortcut for you to be a great ball handler. If you are dreaming to be like Kyrie Irving and Stephen Curry on handling the ball, then you must practice like them also. Do you think that they got this skill in an easy way? Are you thinking if there is some sort of shortcuts to be a great ball handler? The answer is none. There is no person on this world being born that already has a great skill in ball handling. There is only one rule for it. If you want to be great at it then, you should work for it. You should do lots dribbling drills first like what Irving and Curry did. The only difference is that they are doing advanced training drills already. But for you as a beginner, you should learn first the basic ball handling drills and master it through many times of repeated practice.

These basic drills are all listed below:

Stationary Ball Handling Drills

  • Ball slaps
  • Straight arm finger taps
  • Body Circles/Body wraps
  • Drops
  • Figure-Eight Around the Legs
  • Straddle flip
  • Pound dribble
  • Blur
  • Double leg – Single leg
  • Kills
  • Spider
  • Behind the back dribble
  • Scissors
  • Dribble crossover
  • Dribble through the legs
  • Behind the back dribble
  • Front V-dribble
  • Side V- dribble
  • Freestyle dribble

Full Court Ball Handling Drills

  • Dribble and do hesitation moves on every line you step on the court
  • Walking crossover
  • Between the legs
  • Zigzag dribble
  • High dribble and low dribble (hands alternating)

Combination dribbling

This is the last thing you can do if you feel that you are already good with all the drills. Do combinations such as hesitation then crossover or crossover and zigzag dribbling. Do what combinations that you like. Ball handling is all about familiarizing the movement of the ball and combining it with the movement of your body.  The ball and your body should be on rhythm. Both should move as one. If you are on the court facing your opponent, all the drills that you have practice will be used as one. You cannot defeat your opponent just by doing crossovers but it should be combinations of all the drills you have mastered during your training.