In basketball, every position plays a huge role. Every position strives to be better each game to win the game. But the one holding the ball most of the time is the point guard or the one position. Most plays are orchestrated by the one playing on this position. In other words, a great ball movement of a basketball team depends also on the great knowledge of this person because he/she will be the one calling out the team plays. Acquiring a great point guard is such a blessing to any team. But how can we define a great point guard? What are the characteristics of this certain type of player?

  1. Excellent ball-handler

This point guard doesn’t need to do lots of dribble to beat his opponent. Not flashy and certainly knows when to use the special dribbling styles when needed. He can even dribble even on tight spaces and opponents are around him looking to steal the ball. Also, he is best on creating distance to have better defensive and offensive strategies.

  1. High Basketball IQ

As the ball handler, this player is great with budgeting the time and knowing each skill of his teammates. He knows when will be the right time to score and the best way to do it. He knows how to control the tempo of the game and has the ability to adjust based on the situation his in. Also serves as a coach on the floor. The very important trait of a great point guard basing on his IQ is the ability to assess a scouting report of the next opponent. He has the ability to think of the future strategies that will be used for the future opponents.

  1. Flashy and strategic passer

There are certain types of point guards that have pass-first mentality like Rajon Rondo in NBA. We can see that his typical play is setting up a teammate for a high field goal percentage shots. A great point guard has this skill. He knows when and how to make excellent passes. Also knows who the best person to pass on or the person who currently have the hot hands.

  1. Solid defender

Great point guards are all around players too. They can shoot as well as defend. Being a solid defender means he is always count on in every strategy made by the opponent. He has his own way of style in guarding and looking to affect his opponent by any means possible to him. Most point guards are small but great ones can defend even bigger players.

  1. Well known to have special moves

Every player has their own way of beating an opponent one on one. You can always see these moves when you will be watching basketball games featuring the best players in the world like in NBA. Great point guards always have unique moves in stock that will be used depending on the situation.

  1. Versatile Scorer

Versatile scorer means he/she can score in any means possible or can score in many ways. Great point guards should have this skill to be considered as one. Aside from setting up his teammates, he can also make plays for himself. His teammates can count on him that he can take over the game through scoring anytime.