There are many different types of offensive strategies and tactics that can be used by any basketball team. These will be used depending on the situation or the coach’s plan. It can also isolate a teammate or setup a player for score but one thing is for sure, these strategies need a total teamwork when facilitated so that it will be effective. Though there are lots of offensive strategies, they are categorized into 5. These are the early/fast break, set, motion, zone, and spread offenses according to Hooptactics.

  • Early/Fast break offenses

These are the type of offenses that are quick and being executed immediately after inbound or after a defensive rebound. It involves long range passes and quick runs to the basket. Fast breaks are used to score immediately. The offensive players should scatter when going to the basket and will always locate the ball so that the passing will be fast and accurate, the same when receiving the pass. Fast breaks are hard to stop because the opponents cannot establish their defense immediately and it certainly results to an easy basket for the offensive team.

  • Set offenses

Set offenses are mostly setup by the team captain or the point guard of the team. These plays involved ball screens and good ball movement to have open shots. Usually, set offenses are established through hand or verbal signals between teammates.

  • Motion Offenses

Motion offenses are executed through constant ball movement till there is an open man who has a better chance of making the basket. Unselfishness is the number one requirement on this type of play as it requires every player of the team to constantly pass the ball to his teammate. Patience is the second requirement because the players should wait till there’s someone who is very open and can able to score the basket easily. Proper timing of the shot clock is needed also as you don’t want to have a turnover.

  • Zone offenses

Zone offenses are setup to attack the zone defenses of the opposing team. It requires proper analysis of the defenders to be effective. Zone offenses mostly starts by defeating weak defenders thus the opponents are forced to help. If that happens, one of your teammate will likely to be open and just waiting for the ball to have an easy basket. Though it’s a tough process and takes a little time to be established successfully, we cannot hide the fact that the result will really be satisfying as an easy basket will always be waiting.

  • Spread Offenses

Spread offenses are usually used when a team is trying to defend the lead till the end of the game. By spreading the offensive players, it also spread the defenders thus the time to take the shot consumes more seconds than an ordinary play. To make it more beneficial to the opposing team who has the lead, they need to make sure also that they can score the basket before the shot clock ends or at least take an offensive rebound to gain position again. This is the most obvious type of offense to be used on taking the lead till the end of the game.