Playing any position in basketball is so tough. You are expected to perform your best according to the roles that is given by the coach. The point guard position is considered as the most important position in basketball. They are required to do a lot of things not just for themselves but also for their teammates. This is a position that is carrying a huge bag of game plan on every game. If you are interested to play as a point guard, then maybe this article will be very helpful for you.

All of the important tips needed for beginners to start playing one position are listed below.

  1. Improve your stamina.

Work on improving your stamina. Point guards are required to run more compared to other positions so it’s much better if you practice running more often. Because we are talking about your stamina, good diet is also considered as a part of it. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Fatty foods should be avoided and drink lots of water during training to keep you hydrated.

  1. Do more lower body workouts.

Your job as a point guard requires more running, thus your lower body should have the strength and capacity to do it. Strengthening your lower body makes it more invulnerable to injuries like cramps, sprain and etc. It can also help you be better at running and jumping.

  1. Improve dribbling skills

There are no point guard who can’t dribble or just an average in terms of skills in dribbling. Practice lots of dribbling skills including the whole court sprint. Sprinting while dribbling the ball will be very useful in an actual game. Even the best point guards in the world that are already elite in dribbling are still doing basic dribbling drills. Do your drills more often. Also include in your training the crossovers and spins.

  1. Do more passing drills.

Point guards are required to move the ball well and to set up his teammates. These responsibilities involve great passing skills so better practice it more often to be more effective. Bad passes can lead to turnovers and this is the first thing to avoid if you want to win the game. Doing more passing drills can help you improve your passing from a beginner to being elite.

  1. Lead the team.

Be a leader that they can rely on. Point guards are the one who will set up the tempo of the game. This position needs to have the ability to carry his team on his back if they are not yet on shape. You have to setup your teammates for an easy score for them to gain confidence. Talk to them if they commit mistake and be sure that you have some advice for them. Remain your calmness in every situation and do not be affected if the team is down. Instead, pull them up by making the plays needed.