Improving your ball handling skills makes a great difference on how you will play every single game. An elite skill on it lets you have a definite advantage to your opponent thus giving you a higher chance of winning. But how will you improve your dribbling skills? What is the first step towards your ambition to be elite on this game? We have an important suggestion. You should know the types of dribbles first that you can use depending on the situation you have in an actual game. This will serve as a basic knowledge for you as you improve your dribbling skills.

Below are the 6 basic types of dribbles that you should know:

  • High bounce dribble

High bounce dribbling is usually used on fast breaks because this type of dribbling can transport the ball faster on any part of the court. However, using this type of dribbling is too risky also as it has the higher chance of turnover through a steal by the opponent. Only use high bounce dribble when dribbling in an open court or there’s no defender around you.

  • Change-of-pace dribble

Change-of-pace dribble is often used by basketball players to shake off the defender or make him out of balance. This type of dribble is usually followed with high bounce dribble to be more effective because it allows you to create some space from the defender quickly. Your motion should slow down first and once the defender reacts, take a sudden quick drive through the opponent.

  • Low dribble

Low dribble is very effective during double teams or any situation where you are being closely guarded by the opponent. Like what it says, low dribbling is done by dribbling the ball very near the floor so that you can closely guard the ball at the same time from the opponent because it limits his space to penetrate.

  • Crossover dribble

If change-of-pace dribble uses sudden change of speed, crossover dribble on the other hand uses sudden change of direction enough to shake off the defender also to pass through the opponent’s defense. It involves correct speed and timing not just on the ball but also on your body for it to be effective. Crossover dribble can also be done correctly if you know how to dribble well with both hands.

  • Between the legs dribble

Between the legs dribble is often used to defeat an opponent that is closely guarding you. The dribble between the legs can come from any of your hands as long as it’s being executed quickly and correctly. A correct timing is also needed to shake off the defender.

  • Behind the back dribble

If your opponent is at your front and you can’t do a crossover dribble, behind the back dribble can be effective by defeating him. It’s just like a crossover but you will do it on the back. Before making this dribble, you should take one step at the front first to have a little space for the ball on your back. This dribble might be hard at first because it might be hard to locate the ball but through continued practice, you will certainly learn how to do it the right way.