Though there is no small role in basketball, a point guard is the one being seen or recognized most of the time because the ball is always on his hand. Point guards are usually considered as the leader that is why the offenses usually start on him. Most of the on court plays are decided by him including the type of defense to be used sometimes. Having a point guard with a high IQ in basketball is very important so that the he can fully perform his role well.

The purpose of this article is for you to know the important roles of being a point guard. Some of these roles might not be too obvious when you are watching a basketball game but it certainly plays a huge part on winning the match.

  • Ball handling

It’s probably the most obvious role of a point guard. They are entrusted to take care of the ball while setting up the teammates. Being a good ball handler is like any other skill, it can be practiced but to be a great ball handler needs a “go to move”. It is a special move that may be simple to some but can beat any defender without being so flashy. There are no shortcuts to be better in ball handling. If you want to play or already playing as a point guard, you should spent more hours practicing ball handling techniques as this is a basic skill but plays a huge role as a point guard.

  • Setting up the teammates

As a point guard is moving the ball, he is also setting up his teammates to have an open shot. This can be done by moving the ball and players well through screens most of the time. A point guard should see the floor well or if he is so great, he can anticipate the movements of his opponents and especially the teammates. Seeing the floor well is done by dribbling with heads up and it’s just a basic rule in dribbling the ball.

  • Passing

Passing the ball may be a basic skill for a basketball player but a point guard should excel in doing this. The team is relying on his great passes to set up the offenses well enough to win the game. Bad passes can result to turnovers and it can result on loosing the game so this should be avoided. There are some techniques to have open and good passes. A point guard can do fakes or some moves like fast dribbling to shake a defender. There are a few types of passes that can be done also according to a situation his in.

  • Create shots for himself

There are some who are saying that shooting is not the main job by a point guard but modern day point guards excel in scoring already. This is because creating a good shot opportunity for themselves is way much easier than creating shots for teammates. Another reason is if the teammates don’t step up. A point guard should control the tempo of the game and if it requires him to score, then he should do that.

  • Being the leader

There are point guards that are also the team captain. Point guards should be the leader of their team so that they can they can set their teammates well. But to be a leader, they should know first the qualities of being one. A leader that his teammates can rely on and can be trusted. The most important quality of being a leader in basketball is to maintain the calmness no matter what the situation is and continue executing what is the most important thing to do.