Lebron James is a very famous basketball athlete that every basketball fan know him and his level of playing. His greatness is even compared to Michael Jordan sometimes because of how he always carries his team to championships. There is a higher chance of any team going to the Finals if they have a Lebron James on their lineup. That’s already a fact which has been proven since he entered on the NBA. Because of his worldwide popularity, many people also are very interested to know more about him inside and outside the court.lebron-james

So let us discover 15 interesting things about him below:

  1. Lebron missed 82 out of 162 school days because of his family problems during his fourth grade. Most of these problems are because of his Mother that was involved on some petty crimes.
  2. He was so athletic during high school that he became a star on their school on both basketball and football. But he stopped football after breaking his finger and only focused on basketball.
  3. He made his first dunk when he was only in eighth grade.
  4. The reason why Lebron James wore a number 6 jersey when he was still in Miami was because his first child was born October 6 and the second was in the month of June.
  5. Lebron James is ambidextrous. An ability to use both hands equally well. We can see him during basketball games that he is shooting using his right hand but when he eats and writes, he is using his left hand.
  6. He was the youngest player drafted as the number one overall pick in NBA.
  7. Forbes named Lebron James in 2014 as the Most Powerful Athlete in the World.
  8. He was the only player who received the Ohio Mr. Basketball Award three times.
  9. Jay Z and Lebron James are best friends and they caption their photos “La Familia” sometimes.
  10. His mother was just 16 years old when she gives birth to Lebron James.
  11. Lebron made a history when he was featured in the cover of the Vogue. This made him the first African-American to ever have this achievement.
  12. He is the only player who receives the POTM (Player of the Month) award five times in a single season.
  13. Lebron has a total of 15 game winning shots made and 5 of them are on playoff games.
  14. Lebron James and Michael Jordan are the only players to have won the NBA MVP, Finals MVP and the Olympic Gold Medal in the same year.
  15. He was the youngest player to record a triple double at the age of 20 years and 20 days old.