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Month: December 2016

20 Interesting Facts About Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant is already retired in NBA but that doesn’t stop his fans and followers from admiring him. In fact, according to ESPN’s World Fame 100 rankings, he is the 3rd most popular among all NBA players and the 11th of all the athletes in the world. That’s a solid proof that he is really one of the notable athletes today. The absolutely reason for this was his great performance during his whole 20-year career. Being an NBA regular season MVP once and the NBA Finals MVP twice, there are no doubts that he was among the legendary players who ever played the game. Continue reading

20 Interesting Facts About Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook is a very talented NBA player. He may be short but he has a superb talent and great athleticism. Westbrook is an unstoppable player to a lot of his opponents. He doesn’t really care about whose the person that will be guarding him. He will just do all the things to help his team win the game. Westbrook is the only all star player left in Oklahoma City Thunder this season after Durant transferred to the Warriors. Continue reading

20 Interesting Facts About Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant is a versatile NBA player who can do almost anything on the court. He is an athletic scorer and probably one of the best defenders also. Kevin Durant or KD basically has all the necessary skills to be a great basketball player. That is why he was the NBA Most Valuable Player in 2014, an award that not just any basketball player can get. Continue reading

20 Interesting Facts About Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade is one of the most popular NBA players so we will include him on our on-going series of posts featuring the best and the top fan favorite basketball players in the world today. He is not just famous but also one of the most talented and multi-awarded players who ever played the game. Wade as of now is already considered as a future hall of famer and will be a basketball legend for sure. Continue reading

20 Interesting Facts About Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry is one of the best players in the NBA today and probably in the world also. Winning 2 consecutive MVPs were such a great achievement that can be done by great players only, and that’s what he accomplished on the past two seasons. Curry showed everyone that basketball is not only for the big men on the court, but also for the small ones. His only 6’3” but can outscore many bigger players than him. Yes, Stephen Curry is such an amazing player and it’s just right if we will know him much better.
Continue reading

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