Stephen Curry is one of the best players in the NBA today and probably in the world also. Winning 2 consecutive MVPs were such a great achievement that can be done by great players only, and that’s what he accomplished on the past two seasons. Curry showed everyone that basketball is not only for the big men on the court, but also for the small ones. His only 6’3” but can outscore many bigger players than him. Yes, Stephen Curry is such an amazing player and it’s just right if we will know him much better.

20 interesting facts about him were listed below:stephen-curry

  1. His real name is Wardell Stephen Curry II, the son of the former NBA player, Dell Curry and an older brother of another NBA player Seth Curry.
  2. Stephen Curry was already setting records since he was still in college. In fact, he holds the record of the most three pointers made in a single season in NCAA.
  3. Not just in NCAA because Steph is now holding also the NBA record for most three pointers in a single season.
  4. Stephen Curry and Lebron James were born in the same city, in the Akron, Ohio. There are also some rumors that they were also born in the same hospital, but no evidences yet that can support this claim. Now, we know where the 2 best players in the NBA today came from.
  5. His parents, brother and sister are all athletes. So basically, all the members of his family except for his wife and kids are all athletes. Being an athlete really runs in their family. Steph’s father is a former NBA player, his mother is a former volleyball player, his brother currently plays in the NBA also and his sister plays volleyball at Elon University.
  6. Steph was not a recruit of a major university. He came from Davidson College because there were no other major universities that recruited him when he was in high school. He became the best player in the history of this college.
  7. Steph met his wife Ayesha in church when they were still teenagers.
  8. Now, they already have two daughters, Riley and Ryan.
  9. Just in 2009 when he decided to pursue his career in basketball and went to the NBA. He dropped out of college that time to follow his dream.
  10. He was injured on the head once in high school that needed some stitches. It was because he got so hype that he jumped high and hit his head on the ceiling of the locker room.
  11. Steph made his first dunk when he was a college freshman already.
  12. He is doing a lot of charity work.
  13. Curry’s signature shoe has a “4:13” printed on it. This is his favorite Bible verse, the Philippians 4:13.
  14. Steph started playing basketball when he was about five years old.
  15. His favorite NBA player growing up was Muggsy Bogues, the shortest NBA player of all time.
  16. Steph’s favorite movie is The Princess Diaries, and he used to watch it with his younger sister, Sydel.
  17. He is also good at playing golf. He and Barack Obama is golf buddies.
  18. Steph is the longest tenured player on the Golden States Warriors roster.
  19. He is wearing the number 30 jersey to honor his father.
  20. Steph may be the best player in the NBA today, but still not getting the best salary. He is currently the 82nd highest paid player in the NBA.