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Month: January 2017

20 Interesting Facts About Dwight Howard

This blog already features a lot of NBA players, but still none of them are playing the center position. So, on this post we will feature the one of the most dominant center in the NBA today.

Dwight Howard has been a great basketball player ever since he started playing this game when he was still in high school. He played center position very well that he became very famous not just in Atlanta, but in the whole country as well. That is why when Dwight Howard decided to go straight to the NBA from high school, many teams were interested in him and he became the top pick of that year. Since then, Howard has become one of the most talented and most popular NBA players. Continue reading

20 Interesting Facts About Derrick Rose

Before the slick dribbling moves of Curry and Irving became popular in the whole world, there was a Derrick Rose who can beat almost any opponent because of his great crossover and hesitation moves. He was so good that even a double team defense cannot stop him from scoring. That’s what he is, especially during his MVP season in the NBA. We cannot hide the fact that Derrick Rose had a lot of injuries already, but if we will look back on his MVP season, then that’s the time that we can truly understand why he became so popular and became one of the greatest basketball player who ever played the game. Continue reading

20 Interesting Facts About Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony is one of the most popular and talented active basketball players in the NBA today. He is considered to be the greatest rival of Lebron James because of their rivalry that started since they are still in high school until now in the NBA. Carmelo Anthony doesn’t have a championship ring unlike James, but he already proved to all the NBA fans that he can carry a team on his back going to the playoffs. He is so popular that he was the 4th most popular NBA player today, according to ESPN’s World Fame 100 Rankings. Continue reading

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