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6 Types of Dribbles in Basketball

Improving your ball handling skills makes a great difference on how you will play every single game. An elite skill on it lets you have a definite advantage to your opponent thus giving you a higher chance of winning. But how will you improve your dribbling skills? What is the first step towards your ambition to be elite on this game? We have an important suggestion. You should know the types of dribbles first that you can use depending on the situation you have in an actual game. This will serve as a basic knowledge for you as you improve your dribbling skills. Continue reading

5 Important Tips For Beginner Point Guards

Playing any position in basketball is so tough. You are expected to perform your best according to the roles that is given by the coach. The point guard position is considered as the most important position in basketball. They are required to do a lot of things not just for themselves but also for their teammates. This is a position that is carrying a huge bag of game plan on every game. If you are interested to play as a point guard, then maybe this article will be very helpful for you. Continue reading

The Important Roles Of A Point Guard

Though there is no small role in basketball, a point guard is the one being seen or recognized most of the time because the ball is always on his hand. Point guards are usually considered as the leader that is why the offenses usually start on him. Most of the on court plays are decided by him including the type of defense to be used sometimes. Having a point guard with a high IQ in basketball is very important so that the he can fully perform his role well. Continue reading

6 Important Attributes Of A Great Point Guard

In basketball, every position plays a huge role. Every position strives to be better each game to win the game. But the one holding the ball most of the time is the point guard or the one position. Most plays are orchestrated by the one playing on this position. In other words, a great ball movement of a basketball team depends also on the great knowledge of this person because he/she will be the one calling out the team plays. Acquiring a great point guard is such a blessing to any team. But how can we define a great point guard? What are the characteristics of this certain type of player? Continue reading

Types Of Basketball Offenses

There are many different types of offensive strategies and tactics that can be used by any basketball team. These will be used depending on the situation or the coach’s plan. It can also isolate a teammate or setup a player for score but one thing is for sure, these strategies need a total teamwork when facilitated so that it will be effective. Though there are lots of offensive strategies, they are categorized into 5. These are the early/fast break, set, motion, zone, and spread offenses according to Hooptactics. Continue reading

7 Basketball Passing Tips

Anyone can pass a basketball but only a few can do it in an excellent way.  These are only the exceptional players that have undergone intense passing trainings and workouts. Like any skill in basketball, there are no shortcuts also on becoming a great passer. You have to learn even a tiny bit of the basics to be one. We are already through with the types of passes that can be made depending on the situation. Now, it’s time for you to know some tips that will certainly be helpful as you develop your basketball passing skills. Continue reading

Different Types of Basketball Passes

Passing is one of the important basic moves in basketball that you should know and master to be more effective on the court. A good passer will have a good chance of setting up the teammate for a score that will certainly result to an assist. Learning on how to pass effectively is a great thing in basketball. The first step on learning how to pass is to learn the type of passes you can do. That way you will know what type of pass is more effective in such situation you are in while playing basketball. Continue reading

Drills To Improve Ball Handling For Beginners – Part 1

There’s no shortcut for you to be a great ball handler. If you are dreaming to be like Kyrie Irving and Stephen Curry on handling the ball, then you must practice like them also. Do you think that they got this skill in an easy way? Are you thinking if there is some sort of shortcuts to be a great ball handler? The answer is none. There is no person on this world being born that already has a great skill in ball handling. There is only one rule for it. If you want to be great at it then, you should work for it. You should do lots dribbling drills first like what Irving and Curry did. The only difference is that they are doing advanced training drills already. But for you as a beginner, you should learn first the basic ball handling drills and master it through many times of repeated practice. Continue reading

Basketball Ball Handling Tips

Being a good ball handler is very important when you are a basketball player, especially when you are a guard. But basketball players nowadays are very well rounded and are always looking to improve their ball handling skills even if they aren’t playing as a guard. Even centers are practicing to be great at taking care of the ball. If you’ll ask why, it is because a team full of great ball handlers will also be a team that is great on ball movement. A team that moves the ball well has the higher chance of winning the game. Also, those players that have great ball handling skills are more confident on the court and are better on scoring compared to those who are not. That is why it is very important that you should practice handling the ball well as early as now. Continue reading

Basketball Positions And Roles

In a basketball game, each team has five players on the court that are playing. These players have different positions depending which they are best capable of. The five regular positions are point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward and a center. Each of them is designated with different roles also depending on their position.

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