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Common Basketball Terminology & Definitions – Part 2

Part 2

  • Double foul – A very rare situation where the two opponents commit a foul against each other at the same time.

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Common Basketball Terminology & Definitions – Part 1

It is better know some of the most common terminology being used in basketball if you are planning to play this sport for you to avoid confusion during the game. Knowing these terms will also help you understand more the game of basketball and you cannot call yourself a basketball fan if you don’t have any idea what these terms are.

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Benefits Of Playing Basketball

We cannot hide the fact that basketball really is one of the most popular and the most played sport in the world today. Almost anyone can play this sport no matter what gender, age and type of body you may have. As long as you have a basketball and there is a hoop, you can already play this sport. There are a lot of reasons why basketball is so popular but according to surveys, there are two main reasons why many people play this sport. First reason is the enjoyment of playing it and the second main reason is the numerous special benefits that we can get. The enjoyment that you can feel is already understandable so let’s focus now on the special benefits we can get. These benefits can affect our health, mental and social benefits 2 Continue reading

Basic Rebounding Tips For Any Basketball Player

Do you want to be a better basketball player? Do you want to improve your rebounding skills?

Rebounding is a very important key aspect of basketball that should be mastered by any basketball player. It is just as important as shooting, because any team who secures the ball on a rebound will have the chance of shooting the ball to score. So basically, more rebounds are equal to much higher chances of winning. The team who has the most number of rebounds wins the game most of the time. Usually bigger players are in trusted to the task of rebounding but as the game evolves, lots of smaller players are already trying to master this technique also. They will practice rebounding for them to be an all around player on the court that will result to bigger playing time.rebounding tips 1 Continue reading

Basketball Shooting Tips

Shooting the ball is just a matter of styles and techniques no matter how tall or big you are. That is why the players who have a better basketball IQ really excel on every game. Did you ever wonder why some small players can still shoot and score to bigger opponents? Did you ever ask yourself why other players are more skilled on shooting than you? Believe me, those are just normal questions for beginners or average players like you. If you want to improve your shooting skills, better follow these shooting tips below. You can practice and then use it on an actual game. It may take a while for you to improve but at least you are becoming better day after day.

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Best Basketball Tips To Improve Your Skills

Every basketball player is always finding a way to improve their basketball skills. But only a few knows how are they going to do it. That is why we compiled to you some basic tips that you can follow to improve your skills on basketball. Continue reading

Basketball Equipment

To play basketball, there’s some equipment needed. These equipment are categorize into three. These are court equipment, officials’ equipment and players’ equipment. To let us know more about this basketball equipment, let us tackle these one by one. Continue reading

Basketball Basic Information – Part 2

Basketball Fouls And Violations

Basketball fouls and violations are those illegal acts made on court during the game. Though basketball is a contact sport, basketball officials are still trying to make this game as fair as it can be so they made these rules and violations. Basketball is a sport but sometimes because of too much desire to win the game, the basketball players will become so much aggressive on playing. That is the time that they commit too much violation. Continue reading

Basketball Basic Information – Part 1

What Is Basketball?

It was said that basketball was invented by James Naismith in 1891 at a YMCA in Springfield, Massachusetts. He invented basketball as the result of looking for an indoor recreational activity. Continue reading

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